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Finding a job can be a full time job and when you have found a job is it the right job?

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Finding a job can be a full time job and when you have found a job is it the right job?

Willowbank, 7 Sunningdale Croft, Fixby, Huddersfield HD2 2NX. Tel: 01484 548957 Mob: 07956 127455

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Our key objective has always been to provide the tools for individuals by offering a bespoke service to enable job seekers to have a competitive advantage of others, by increasing their confidence and creating the maximum opportunity to attend interviews and secure employment.

We offer a wide range of services which cover all areas and techniques of job seeking for individuals of any age and industry. A full outplacement service to small and medium size enterprises is also available in both a group format and then individual 1:1 coaching if required.

We also provide support within the education arena where we have a Job Seekers Workshop available which can be tailored to meet the needs of students.

When working with individuals our unique selling point is that we offer our services in their own home at any time on any day and our experience and feedback clearly tells us that this makes a significant difference as the client feels much more at ease within their own comfort zone which leads to a fruitful discussion and without a doubt builds an important personal relationship as we are putting a face to everyone we work with.

Our range of services and the key benefits gained for individual clients

Service – (Sessions can include)




Creating a CV as a key self marketing tool

Bringing together a meaningful document which captures your personal profile, key achievements, responsibilities, skills and abilities, educational background/personal development and hobbies & interests. The end result is a document that sells yourself to a prospective employer.

Realisation of Skills

An in-depth review of soft skills from self analysis, together with the enjoyment factor you have in carrying these through. Always used in the construction of CVs & also a useful tool to identify areas of weakness for future personal development.

Understanding your Personal Profile

Learning more about your personality and that of others, together with useful key words and phrases to describe yourself, your emotions and the value you bring in a team environment.

Evaluating Personal Values

Bringing about the 10 most important values you have, which is crucial when job searching to determine if the job matches these. No role is 100% perfect, so learn how to compromise when that job offer comes your way.


Kick start the process of how important this tool is by developing how to bring about a list of potential contacts and the way to approach them, which will result in your own external sales force.

Applying for positions from advertisements

How to ensure that you are following the correct approach in completing application papers and to determine your suitability for the position.

Speculative mail shots

The art of carrying through research and analysis and having the confidence to approach a prospective employer.

Maximising the Internet

A booklet has been produced, covering a range of useful websites to start the process together with a wide range of hints & tips provided

Recruitment Agencies

The process to follow in taking onboard agencies to provide additional support in your job searching programme and how to manage this effectively.

Preparation for Interview

Learn how to be fully prepared for interviews and when required how to carry through a successful presentation.

Position Offered

Negotiating the job offer and understanding if this is the correct job for you.

UCAS Statements

Supporting students in their application to higher education, by creating a strong Personal Statement.

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