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Finding a job can be a full time job and when you have found a job is it the right job?

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Peak Career Consulting offer an outplacement service to small and medium size enterprises which are tailored to meet the needs of the business and individual(s) and typically covers a number of interactive sessions in a group format which can then easily include 1:1 coaching sessions to consolidate the process which again can be tailored to meet individual needs.

A similar format is also available as a job seekers workshop which has been tried and tested within the education arena and additionally to a number of participants in employability projects with 2 Universities in West Yorkshire.

The services we offer and their benefits have already been previously highlighted under the section Our range of services and the key benefits gained for individual clients, and in addition other key benefits in a group situation also include:

Since launching the business in 2004, we have achieved a number of key successes including:

Finding a job can be a full time job and when you have found a job is it the right job?

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